My story

My disease began, as most people do, with pain in the groin area, intensifying after orgasm, frequent urge to urination. According to the tests: no obvious inflammatory processes (leukocytes in the secretion were within normal limits), cultures periodically revealed opportunistic microflora, transrectal ultrasound showed slight degenerative changes in the prostate. Everything else was more or less normal.

I was unsuccessfully treated for about 2 years, was at 7 urologists in two major cities in Russia. The diagnosis they gave me – chronic pelvic pain syndrome non-inflammatory type 3b.

Went through different treatments: antibiotics, alpha-adrenoblockers, antidepressants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, folk remedies, healers, prostate massage, laser therapy, etc. None of this helped.

For the period of my illness I have read a lot of medical articles, forums, studied the experience of many patients. Definitely made the conclusion that the existing standards of treatment are not directed to the real cause of the disease.

Once I went to a doctor who has a completely different view of the disease and uses non-standard methods of treatment. It turned out that he had been dealing with this problem for over 30 years. He told me about the causes of the disease. I trusted him and had a course of treatment.

The treatment is long and not very pleasant. But it was the only thing that helped me.

Moreover, I communicated with other patients of my doctor with the same diagnosis. Some of them had tried all possible treatments, traveled to different countries (Germany, Israel, South Korea, etc.) for treatment, visited dozens of urologists. But nothing helped them except this method.

I gathered all the information about the causes of the disease and the treatment methodology I received in the article. So that everyone can study it and pass it on to their urologist.

Soon there will be a scientific paper that will describe this disease in more detail, its causes, and research data. But in the meantime, the doctor needs to do more research and work through our medical institutions. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of bureaucracy in our country.

I want you to be attentive to this information, perhaps it will change your life. Believe me, this is not nonsense or fiction. This is true information about the causes of the disease and treatment methods, based on the experience of hundreds of patients.

If you have any questions, please message me on facebook. I’ll do my best to help.

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